The Dailies: Day 1.

I turn 39 today. (All is good; I’m not freaking out or anything. Maybe next year.) Birthdays are beginnings, right? So today I begin a new project.

The plan is: make and post at least one photograph every day until I turn 40.

The chances that I’ll end up with 365 great photos are slim. This shouldn’t really concern me (unless all 365 are crap). I’m more interested in the practice and the focus. I’m more interested in the books and sites I’ll be reading, the tutorials I’ll be watching, the people I’ll be meeting from whom I’ll learn something about making better pictures.

I haven’t really decided if I’ll try to stick to specific themes as the year progresses, but I know I have to stretch my skills if I want to develop.

For today, though, the sun came up on a misty pond and the last blooms are sparkling in my garden. So this is where we start.



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