Day 2. My lunch is better than your lunch.

Like many kids, mine are a challenge at mealtime. They’re highly suspicious of anything green (red, orange, spicy, chewy, crunchy, lumpy, etc.) and especially of anything I claim is delicious.

When the Mr. and I occasionally get the chance to enjoy a meal on our own, we’re all over it, since it allows us the chance to savour dishes our kids will never touch.

Today we lunched at Café Troy, a sweet little spot nestled in the farmland. Donn Zver, the owner, is a talented and experienced potter, and the café is attached to his studio and store.

Donn’s dinnerware is featured in the restaurant and his pieces brighten the exterior as well. Today’s photos were made just outside the windows of the café.

Lunch was delicious. I ate orange things (squash, apple and pear soup; smoked salmon quiche), red things (brie with raspberry chutney), and lumpy things (wild mushroom bruschetta).

At their grandparents’ house, my kids ate hot dogs and gummy worms for lunch.

It was a win-win.


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