Day 9. You might want to pick up the pace.



I’m most comfortable making photos of plants, buildings, landscapes, and so on. Things that can’t get up and walk away. Things that don’t mind if I spend ten minutes fiddling with the controls on my camera because I can’t remember how to adjust the aperture. Things that are indifferent to my fumbling and bumbling, waiting there patiently while I’ve struggled to compose the shot and contorted into just the right position to press the shutter button.

Generally, I speak, write, think and photograph the same way: at a snail’s pace.

My dear friend asked me if I’d photograph her beautiful family, and I was at once excited and terrified. These are not flowers, but people, including two small children. Small children – I’m going by personal experience here – usually have no time for snails (unless the small children are supposed to be getting ready for bed, in which case, they positively become the snails).

I had to step it up today, if you get where this is going.

We did it, though. I even got hugs from all the people, big and small, after the shoot. That never happens with flowers.


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