Cacti blues.


This mini-cactus sits on my kitchen windowsill in a tiny pot, where it’s been for years, stubbornly defying death while I do a spectacular job of neglecting it.

I looked at it today for the first time in a long while. Hey! I realized. That thing is spiky! Before you sarcastically suggest that I join Mensa with this line of thinking, let me explain.

I’d like to give some direction to the daily photos by exploring certain themes to help me improve at the art of noticing. Focusing on capturing the senses, for example – texture, or scent, or taste. Or elements that might help me in composing better photos, like patterns, colour, motion, framing, and so on.

So the cactus is prickly. I fetched my tripod and my close-up filter and tried to show you just how prickly it is. I took it outside, where the light was better, and turned it carefully so I could shoot from all angles. I spent at least 15 minutes with this cactus. It hadn’t received that kind of attention from me. Ever.

I realized just now that I still forgot to water it.


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