Child’s play.

I’ve been bagging on my little ones a bit, haven’t I? Don’t get me wrong – I like them. A lot. Even if they hoard leaves, spill glitter, and refuse to eat anything green. These are things kids do. Sometimes I need a good, clear reminder: if a mess is the most I have to worry about, life is good.

Here are some other things kids do. They laugh loudly and unselfconsciously. They fart and burp and giggle. They talk in funny voices. They cross their eyes. They wrestle. They beg to be tickled and when they’re out of breath from tickles, they beg for the tickling to stop. They do somersaults and cartwheels. They strike poses. They twirl in circles until they’re so dizzy they crash to the ground. They put on old Halloween costumes and dance to Justin Timberlake. They play.

I miss play.

Today we hit the playground in gratitude for the warm November day. We brought the wagon even though the kids are too big for the wagon. My oldest pulled my youngest all the way there. At the top of the hill leading down to the park, they both piled into the wagon and it looked like an overflowing laundry basket. I pulled them down the hill and nearly got bulldozed by the weight of my too-big kids rolling madly downhill in a plastic wagon.

I watched their hands and arms and legs and feet while they cruised the playground equipment. I watched them maneuver and navigate and test their boundaries and surpass their own expectations. I watched them grin and whoop and wince and roll around in the wood chips.

I watched them play.


(A rather late submission for the Nostalgia WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge)

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