Under the wire.



This is what results when the whole day has gone by and you haven’t made a photo even though you’re supposed to be making one every day. Everyone is tucked in and now you have some time to yourself but the problem is that you’re so tired because the cats think the day should begin at 4:13 a.m. and you’re sure your eyelids must have cinder blocks attached to them.

You’re not sure how creative your brain is feeling at the moment or even whether you can remember how to operate the camera. In fact there’s a very panicky moment when you think you erased your entire memory card but luckily it’s a false alarm.

You make a photo of a candle but it’s boring and so is the one of the beach stones so at this point you’re looking around desperately for something to snap before you fall down or give up and crawl under the covers which is where you would really, really like to be right now.

Then you spot the twirly stick that’s been sitting inconspicuously in a vase with other twirly sticks for roughly 15 years and you notice that it’s a bit rough and spiral-y which could be interesting if the light shines on it a certain way.

Whether or not it’s actually interesting is debatable but you got today’s shot and once you’re done typing this sentence you’ll hit the hay and hope the cats will sleep in till at least 5 a.m. tomorrow.

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