It’s not what it looks like.



I don’t really like cooking, but I love eating.

Despite my kids’ aversion to the majority of foods, including roughly 90% of those in the fruits and vegetables food group, their father and I will try nearly anything.

Last week, I visited the grocery store while hungry. This is never a good idea for the bank account, and usually results in the purchase of more pasta than necessary. But sometimes a rumbling stomach will motivate me to bring home something new.

I spied a bin of these delightful, festive green balls in the bulk food section. I wondered what kind of candy they were. Then I read the label.

Wasabi. Coated. Peanuts.

Nice! I scooped, paid, and went home.

(No, I didn’t try to trick my kids by suggesting to them that these were Christmas candies. The thought crossed my mind, though).

When he ate one, the Mr. made an interesting facial expression, kind of similar to the one you make when you drop something heavy on your foot. However, he gave the new snack a thumbs-up, with a suggestion that it might be best enjoyed in small doses.

Today, I needed something to photograph. My share of peanuts was still sitting in the cupboard. Plus, I wanted to try my homemade lightbox again.

So here they are.

I was pretty happy with my photo so I celebrated by eating a peanut. It tasted hot, and crunchy, and a bit odd. Is it possible for a tongue to feel confused? But I decided it was pretty good. So then I ate another one. And another. I drank a glass of water and went back to the peanuts.

My stomach hurts now.

Always, always listen to your husband when he warns you not to eat too many wasabi-coated peanuts.



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