A light in the dark.


The sun’s been hiding behind moody grey clouds for a week, so the subjects of my photos have mostly been miscellaneous items located inside my home, where it’s reasonably warm and dry and I can exist comfortably without wearing boots and earmuffs.

Since the festive decorations made their way out of storage over the weekend, and since I’m avoiding the outdoors like the plague, I’ve been studying these trinkets with a new eye.

One of the knick-knacks lying around is a miniature artificial Christmas tree adorned with tiny glowing fiber optic strands, which flash in one second intervals. It’s actually not all that difficult to get hypnotized by this thing if it’s late and I’m tired (check and check).

I killed all the other lights, used a slow shutter speed, and stabilized the camera with my tripod. At first, I tried to get the whole tree in the shot, which was, well… meh. I crept in tighter which, I think, resulted in a more interesting picture.

If the sun’s out tomorrow and time allows, I’ll don the boots and earmuffs and see what I can capture outside. If not, at least there’s a trove of shiny holiday things that won’t mind posing for the camera.

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