Thanks for that.


It seems like an appropriate time to express thanks, given all the gifts that have been floating around these days.

So here you have it – a short random list, in no particular order, and by no means exhaustive.

At this moment, I’m thankful for:

  • waking up in the morning.
  • Crispy Crunch bars.
  • baking shortbread with my daughter.
  • very cold, full-fat eggnog.
  • head-bumps from the cats.
  • fuzzy slippers.
  • hot, hot showers.
  • cinnamon sticks.
  • the earthy smell after it rains.
  • OK GO videos.
  • Ralphie in A Christmas Story.
  • U2’s All I Want is You, especially the string arrangements.
  • my son’s enthusiasm for puns.
  • my husband’s ‘voices’ when he reads stories to the children.
  • forgiveness.
  • smiles from strangers.
  • moms and dads and siblings.
  • good nurses.
  • the unbridled laughter of my kids when they’re playing together.
  • the hush after they’ve gone to sleep.


Wishing you peace, courage, and whatever makes you shine with gratitude.
Merry Christmas!



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