Back in time.

For Norm’s Thursday Doors this week, I wanted to share a photo of a humble but hardy local building.


This lovely little log structure, the first schoolhouse in Waterloo, Ontario, is nearly 200 years old. Built by Pennsylvania German Mennonite settlers in 1820, its function as a school was short-lived – it served the community for 22 years before being declared too small for the growing population.


c. 1900. Photo from Waterloo Public Library.

It was sold, relocated to Kitchener, and utilized as a residence. From 1891 to 1894, the building sat vacant. The Waterloo Park Board purchased the structure and moved it once again, to its current location in Waterloo Park. The schoolhouse has been beautifully restored and it was formally designated as a Heritage Property in 2012.

I wonder if those who laid the logs of this building knew it would last. I wonder if they’d ever have guessed that that we’d be analyzing their materials and techniques to try and define, and understand, and preserve a culture and a lifestyle that are now obsolete.

Can’t help but wonder what future generations will make of us.


For the history buffs, click here and here and here for more about this building.


6 thoughts on “Back in time.

  1. Humble and hearty indeed.
    And I like how you noted about it the folks making this had any idea this would last so long and we would assess such craftsmanship – and well – some of the junky structures today might. Not even last 50 years

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