Date night.


The Mr. and me, prepped to get our geek on.

We’d received a second PS4 controller as a Christmas gift, and the kids were at Grandma’s. The plan was for our dinner out to be followed by an exhilarating evening spent side by side, annihilating the undead.

After posing for our photo, we bought the new video game from the online PlayStation store and congratulated ourselves for planning an evening together that didn’t involve Netflix.

That’s when we realized that the game would take 9 hours to download to the console.

Date night, then, involved fewer undead than originally planned. We watched Season 4, Episode 14 of The Mindy Project, which we found a bit disappointing. This was followed by an episode of Black Mirror, which was so terribly unsettling that it necessitated a cleanse (Mindy, S4, E15 – which was suddenly much funnier).

Off to get a good night’s rest, now – we’ll have demons to crush in the morning.



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