Bling, p. 2.


You may remember that my kids were allowed to rummage through the clearance shelf to choose a Christmas stocking for next year, and that my daughter made sure she picked the sparkliest of the bunch.

This isn’t surprising. She likes frills, hot pink, and leopard-skin print. She’s the “fancy” one. (Interestingly, she declared that she inherited her “fancy” style from her Grandma – my mom – and that it must have skipped a generation).

Her brother generally prefers sweatpants and hoodies, in grey, black, or – when he’s in the mood for a splash of colour – dark blue. He refers to his style as “casual.”

Before we packed up Christmas, I zoomed in for an abstract shot of my son’s new stocking – a red one with a woven satin weave. Understated, but classy. Simple, but festive. Somewhere in between casual and fancy.

I think his sister was impressed.


(Thanks to Narami for collecting textures each Tuesday)

3 thoughts on “Bling, p. 2.

  1. I tweeted early this week, but I’m late with the comments; his choice is pretty cool. Bet he’s a very cool boy 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your image in Tuesdays of Texture, love your contributions!

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