Wish list.

March 6 (1 of 1)

Here are a few desirable qualities in a husband:

✅ He’ll leave the last slice of cheesecake/cup of coffee for you.

✅ He’ll tickle your children until they lay like giant, limp slugs on the carpet, breathless with joy.

✅ He’ll remember to ask you how your meeting/test/doctor’s appointment went.

✅ He’ll willingly attend a musical with you, even though he will almost certainly fall asleep or die of boredom.

✅ He’ll get out of bed and look after the child/feline who decides that 4 a.m. is a beautiful hour to start the day.

✅ He won’t get irritated because you made and posted pictures of him wandering off alone, deep in thought.

Happy birthday, Husband. Thanks for all you do 💓

2 thoughts on “Wish list.

  1. By sheer luck I have another blog that I follow run by a blogger whose love celebrates today. Maybe you should meet. 😉 (Or you might be following her already: She is Fourth Generation Farmgirl.) In any case, happy birthday, Vanessa’s husband. Doing great, I see. 🙂

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