Tea time.

Last Thursday I depressed you with a sad, neglected door, so here’s one that’s more uplifting.

You’ll find this door, the entrance to Abigail’s Tea House, on the main corner of St. George, Ontario, a village of around 3000 people.

March 9 (3 of 5)


The building was constructed in 1911 and once housed the Bank of Montreal. Nowadays, it operates as a classic English-style tea house.

March 9 (4 of 5)


I made the photos around 9 a.m. – too early to pass through this door, since tea-time at Abigail’s is from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. But I could still admire the place from outside.

March 9 (2 of 5)


Here’s the side door to the building. Colour co-ordination is a nice touch, in my opinion.

March 9 (5 of 5)


Aaaaand… this little shop is just a few doors down. Abigail is one busy (and vibrant) gal.

March 9 (1 of 5)

I seem to be making a habit of visiting places with interesting doors only during off-hours (this one, for example, and this one). I must get better at planning these visits so I can a) show you the interiors, and b) reward myself with a scone or two.

Thanks for checking out my doors this week. To view more doors from around the world, visit Norm every Thursday.


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