Up in the Ayr.

I took advantage of the sunshine to collect more old doors for you today in Ayr, Ontario.

During its most prosperous years, the former John Watson Manufacturing Company specialized in the manufacture of agricultural machinery.

March 23 (3 of 10)

March 23 (2 of 10)


Though the company began in the 1840s as Ayr Machinery Works and originally manufactured cast iron pots and stoves, this particular foundry wasn’t built until 1882.

March 23 (1 of 10)March 23 (4 of 10)


The original structure was an impressive four storeys in height. It suffered a devastating fire in 1920 and the current two-storey structure was rebuilt using material from the original building.

March 23 (5 of 10)


According to the historical plaque mounted on the building, John Watson – like many of the early influential citizens of the area – was Scottish. He was the first reeve of Ayr. His company was in continuous family operation for 127 years.

March 23 (7 of 10)March 23 (8 of 10)


The layers of paint certainly show the passage of time.

March 23 (9 of 10)

March 23 (10 of 10)


The former factory has been renovated and repurposed, and is now home to several businesses.

March 23 (6 of 10)

Thank you so much for visiting (and for giving me an excuse to hunt for more doors with my camera).

1. Thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors every week.
2. Read more about Ayr and Watson Manufacturing here and here.


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