Looking up.

The photographer was mildly injured during the production of today’s photos (more about that in a second).

The exterior of this old building features two perfectly straight rows of rectangular indents in the stone. I’m guessing they once supported wooden ceiling beams for a room that no longer exists. The notches aren’t useful for holding up beams any longer, but they sure make great nesting areas for the birds.

March 29 (3 of 3)

For a half-hour, I watched dozens of these birds chatter and flit around. Birds and wildlife are not my photographic strengths, but it seemed like an opportune time to practice. Unfortunately, the birds are pretty much the same colour as the wall, so my photos were lacking impact (that’s a nice way of saying they were crap).

March 29 (1 of 3)

So I changed tack. I pressed myself right up against the wall in a manner that surely looked inappropriate (or at least odd) to passersby. I pointed the camera up and rested it flat against the wall. I waited. I made my shots when my subjects landed in the notches above me. I know the results aren’t award-winning or anything, but I liked the effect of the unusual angle.

March 29 (2 of 3)

Which brings me to my injur(ies). Holding this position – standing while pressed flat against a stone wall and looking up at an angle of 90 degrees – is not ideal for promoting neck comfort (I may need a heating pad tonight).

I’m not sure whether getting hit in the head with bird excrement counts as an injury (I may need a shower tonight, too).

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