You snooze, you lose?

Scheduling and disagreeable weather held off a trip to the lakefront to see the spring profusion of cherry blossoms. I made it down today – the one day of sunshine between bouts of cold, miserable rain – and found that I was too late to catch the bloom this year.

But there were other, unexpected gifts to appreciate:

A graceful pier from which one can contemplate how the sunlight sparkles on the surface of the water…

May 3 (2 of 7)May 3 (1 of 7)


Leaning shadows and silhouettes to frame and capture…

May 3 (3 of 7)May 3 (5 of 7)


Waterfront pathways to wander…

May 3 (6 of 7)May 3 (7 of 7)


And trees no longer in bloom, but pleasing nonetheless.

May 3 (4 of 7)



6 thoughts on “You snooze, you lose?

  1. I have heard of the Brant Street Pier(I think that is what I am looking at.) before but never had the opportunely to photograph. It is a awesome sight to see especially on bright sunny day like you did,

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    • Yes, Andy, this is at the base of Brant on the Burlington waterfront. An expensive and controversial project… but it is quite lovely, in my opinion. I’ve seen some beautiful shots of it at night and during the golden hours, but I’ll have to put those opportunities on my wish-list!


    • Thanks so much, I’m glad you liked them! Though there were lots of duds, these few were my favourite exposures. I was fortunate to have the time (and a beautiful morning) to find the perspectives I wanted to try. I always appreciate your visit 🙂


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