What a zoo.

If you’re following along, by now you know I’m most comfortable with shooting still life photos, featuring subjects that won’t cry, hide, or apply fake smiles in an effort to make me go away.

Our outing to the zoo today provided a good opportunity to practice with moving targets (other than the monkeys that live with me). My nature subjects are usually flowers or scenery (don’t move, don’t cry, etc.), so I tried to remember the guidelines for photographing animals, like keeping the eyes sharp, leaving room for movement, etc.

We had fun while learning. During live presentations, we watched an elephant named George use a paintbrush, and a parrot named Wasabi sing “O Canada” (two events I would’ve considered unlikely before today). But this wasn’t the circus of old… the organization values responsible and respectful care of their animals, and staff were sure to stress the need for public engagement and education in order to continue conservation efforts in the future.

I ended up with a lot of shots of the blurry and boring variety, but there were a few I liked. However, I just noticed that half the photos I chose to post here include a sleeping (or sleepy) animal. Does it count as a moving target if the subject is snoring, or about to snore?

Ah, well. Practice makes… progress.

It’s late, late, late – I’m off to do some snoring of my own 🙂

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