Lofty goals.

September 14 (1 of 1)

Collingwood, Ontario – Post Office, 1897

Is it weird to have aspirations of photographing a series of doors? Specifically, post office doors? More specifically, old post office doors?

I’m guessing that Manja, who’s guest hosting Thursday Doors this week in Norm’s absence, won’t think it’s weird. She’s photographed more doors than I’ve actually seen in real life. At least a handful of them surely belong to old post offices?

Well, I think I only have one. Got to start somewhere.

11 thoughts on “Lofty goals.

  1. What a great goal and many of us “door people” will be enjoying what you share on your journey to capture old post office doors!
    Or any other doors you find along the way!
    And I this one here – the lower area worn away reminded me of the many feet that pushed it open there – perhaps?
    Nice find and the fading blue paint is a nice hue

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