Safety first.

I’m starting to believe that photography is not only helping me become more observant of my immediate surroundings, but also that the camera is a kind of self-awareness/subconscious-exploration tool.

I didn’t realize it until I sat down to sort the photos at my computer, but during a walk the other morning, a curiously high proportion of the pictures I made included some sort of railing or safety barrier. They didn’t feel right to me until they were converted to black-and-white images. And I was strangely drawn to the popped nails of a boardwalk beam torn from its post.

I might have some analyzing to do…

6 thoughts on “Safety first.

    • I really admire the words and photos of Freeman Patterson. Last fall I heard him speak at an event, and I was struck by his personal and internal connection to every photo he makes. He spoke a lot about symbols and dreams and their connection to our art, and how photographers should pay careful attention to what they’re drawn to photograph because therein lie the true meaning and emotion (not in the photos we think others want to see). Intriguing stuff!


  1. Sometimes I get wrapped in the thrill of photography and I forget about my safety. The worst that has happened is that I have had a few trips. Those popped nails look like an accident waiting to happen.
    Good choice… the B&W works well with the scenes. I know where you took photographs. I have never been there when the water was high. Looks interesting.

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    • The section of the river in these shots is free-flowing but just upstream are ice jams that are both creepy and beautiful. I think I’m still too much of a chicken to get myself into any real dangerous situations 🙂


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