My apologies: I’ve been neglectful of this space, haven’t I? Fortunately, my camera has been busy – I’ve begun another personal project (maybe more on that later) – and while I’ve kept on top of following my favourite WordPress blogs, I have missed posting here regularly.

But today deserves some attention because it’s the Mr.’s birthday. Here’s a guy who’s willing to stand on potentially dangerous ledges and outcrops of wet rock so that I can make photos. To be clear: it’s HIS idea to stand on dangerous ledges and outcrops of wet rock. If it were up to me, he’d be standing at a reasonable, safe distance from the water at all times. Maybe wearing a life jacket, just in case.Β But those pictures would surely put you to sleep.

Anyhow, anxiety and slippery rocks aside, my mightiest birthday wishes go out to my partner of nearly twenty years. He’s kind, generous, smart, funny, and patient. Also, easy on the eyes. I don’t know how I was lucky enough to nab him.

Honey, I celebrate you.

And the fact that you didn’t fall into the lake.



13 thoughts on “Celebrations.

  1. You are right girl !
    You are lucky!
    You can not find too many of those out there with ALL those qualities in ONE person
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY handsome guy ! (She is not too bad either. )

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  2. Aw, this made me so happy – not only because it’s another great post of yours, but also because you have something (and someone) wonderful to celebrate. … Also, he got down from there safely πŸ™‚

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    • No kidding, I didn’t want to have to call 911, especially on his birthday, geez. Thank you so much! Hey, I am just finishing a book that reminds me of you and your interest in historic Toronto: “The Massey Murder” by Charlotte Gray. Have you read it? Interesting stuff!

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    • Haha! In that last picture I think we were going for a “Dark Knight” sort of silhouette but it turned more into “Giant Hoodlum by the Bridge”. Good times nonetheless! Thank you so much for your visit and good wishes 😊

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