Day 30. The end…?

This is it. 30 days of wandering the trails, holding a camera. Loved it. This is what I enjoyed about the 30×30 Challenge:

1) Breathing sweet, fresh air every day for 30 days in a row. (Well, it’s August. Not sure I’d be as enthusiastic in February.)

2) Wandering the local trails, where people actually make eye contact and greet one another, even (especially!) very early in the morning.

3) Making pictures, even if there were 10 bad shots for every decent one. It was a perfect opportunity to start figuring out what those buttons and dials on my camera are for.

4) Realizing that ordinary is often extraordinary, if we take the time to notice.

Day 26. Life’s a beach.

For the first time in nearly a decade, my hubby and I sat on the beach together with the blissful knowledge that we could close our eyes and not worry that our small children would fall, drown, get kidnapped, have to go pee, hurl sand in one another’s eyes, etc. This is because they were busy getting spoiled at Grandma’s house while we were busy driving far, far away in the opposite direction.

Our daytime date was spent at Long Point beach. We had a nap on the sand. We had an uninterrupted conversation. It was lovely. Thank you, Grandma.

Day 25. Deluge.

This afternoon the kids were shipped off to the grandparents’ place so my husband and I could enjoy a date night. Alas, before date night could start, a wild and unexpected storm hit our area. We bailed water out of our sump for three hours so that the basement wouldn’t flood. Our pump just couldn’t keep up. So long, daily nature walk (I escaped to the garden instead before darkness fell). So long, date night (we ordered pizza, which came an hour late). I was reminded, though, that my husband and I make one hell of a good team – as a couple, as parents, as emergency basement flood preventers.