I saw some of the most amazing mosaics when I visited Italy – incredibly detailed, sweeping expanses of tile on walls and floors. Sometimes, they were the only preserved features of a ruin. This was art that had stood the test of time. I was inspired. I decided I would cultivate my inner craftiness and make my own at home.

When I returned from that trip, I bought a tile nipper and some ceramic tile and went at it. It was a disaster. It was hard. I couldn’t break a tile in a straight line to save my life. I gathered up all my jagged tiles in a zippie bag and put them away.

It’s been a decade since that little episode. I was cleaning in the basement when I stumbled upon the remains of my failed attempt at being crafty. In case there was any doubt that I couldn’t be on Pinterest, the evidence was right there in the sad, neglected zippie bag. I stared at those tiles for awhile. And I tried again.

It took me bloody ages to finish my first mosaic. You won’t find any of my mosaics in Italian museums. But I did it.

So far, I’ve worked with vitreous glass tiles glued and grouted directly to wooden bases. For kids, I’ve made personalized nameplates, and for grown-ups, I’ve made coasters that co-ordinate with the room’s decor.

There is something strangely satisfying about breaking glass and creating something new from the shards. And, so far, I’ve managed to avoid getting glass bits embedded into my eyeballs.

Choose from the menu at the top to see some of my projects. If you like them, let me know. I could be convinced to smash and assemble some glass bits for you…