Love note #29.

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The wait of water.

Water is beautiful when frozen in time, but now and then I like opening my camera’s shutter for a while and waiting for the magic to happen.


I suspect people may have thought I was slightly nuts yesterday when they saw me hunched over the flowers at the park, making photos. I used the “intentional camera movement” technique (which never disappoints, in my opinion). That method of photography involves shimmies, wiggles and twists of the camera during exposure, and usually, at least in my case, somewhat contorted body positions.

Ah, well. Being nuts helps me make interesting pictures once in a while.

Daisy day.

Sorry I’m late.

Yesterday was Victoria Day here in Canada, a holiday officially honouring Queen Victoria’s birthday and unofficially kicking off the summer season. I’d forgotten that a few months ago I’d made a photo of the bronze statue of the Queen located in Kitchener’s aptly-named Victoria Park. If I’d been paying closer attention, I would’ve remembered to post the picture on the appropriate day, but since I’m known to be late now and again, she’s joining us this morning instead.

Here she is, looking a tad on the stern side, in my opinion:

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Bronze statue of Queen Victoria by Italian sculptor Cavaliere Raffaele Zaccaquini, 1911. Victoria Park, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Happy Day-After-Victoria Day and/or Warm Weather Season to you 😊


*In response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening