Let’s be clear: I don’t really know much about photography.

But I’m ready to learn.

I don’t have fancy equipment. I’ve got a basic entry-level DSLR and a tripod. I have a few inexpensive lens filters. I know some basics about image editing.

I’ve been tinkering around with my camera for about a year, but truthfully, most of my good shots happen by accident. I’d like to get serious about taking better photos. Not too serious – if this isn’t going to be fun, I’d better ground this project to a halt right now and go back to binge-watching The Walking Dead.

I’m in my happy place when I’m wandering around with my camera, practicing the art of noticing. I think I have the beginnings of a photographic eye. So I’d like to take it a step further.

This is a space to share my pictures and my progress as I learn. It’s mostly for me. You might wonder, if that’s the case, why I don’t just keep my photos to my damn self. Well, this is part of my learning, too: getting over the sometimes-crippling fear of sharing my stuff with people.

We’re practically drowning in images these days, now that technology makes it easy for anyone to snap or manipulate a photo. The downside is that we’re bombarded with an abundance of silly internet memes and mirror selfies of pouting teen girls.

That said, there’s some amazing talent and vision out there. These are the photographers who are also storytellers, who have both a creative eye and technical skill, who use their talent not only to make art but sometimes to make change. Maybe they take pouty mirror selfies too, but somehow I doubt it.

I’m especially drawn to those who focus on nature, travel, architecture, and urban exploration as subjects. A few of my current favourites are in the sidebar…and this list will continue to grow.

Putting together this site throws a bit of motivation my way to keep pushing my learning forward. Nothing spurs me on like a) a deadline and b) accountability to someone other than myself!

You can view some of my photos and other projects by choosing them from the menu at the top or clicking below.

30×30 Challenge – August 2016
The Dailies – October 2016
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The Dailies – December 2016
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The Dailies – May 2017
The Dailies – June 2017
The Dailies – July 2017
The Dailies – August 2017
The Dailies – September 2017

If you choose to follow along, I’ll be scared, but I’ll also be smiling. Thanks for being here.