What a zoo.

If you’re following along, by now you know I’m most comfortable with shooting still life photos, featuring subjects that won’t cry, hide, or apply fake smiles in an effort to make me go away.

Our outing to the zoo today provided a good opportunity to practice with moving targets (other than the monkeys that live with me). My nature subjects are usually flowers or scenery (don’t move, don’t cry, etc.), so I tried to remember the guidelines for photographing animals, like keeping the eyes sharp, leaving room for movement, etc.

We had fun while learning. During live presentations, we watched an elephant named George use a paintbrush, and a parrot named Wasabi sing “O Canada” (two events I would’ve considered unlikely before today). But this wasn’t the circus of old… the organization values responsible and respectful care of their animals, and staff were sure to stress the need for public engagement and education in order to continue conservation efforts in the future.

I ended up with a lot of shots of the blurry and boring variety, but there were a few I liked. However, I just noticed that half the photos I chose to post here include a sleeping (or sleepy) animal. Does it count as a moving target if the subject is snoring, or about to snore?

Ah, well. Practice makes… progress.

It’s late, late, late – I’m off to do some snoring of my own 🙂

Cat for rent.


June 28 (1 of 1).jpg

Somehow, in my stroll around town tonight, I wound up running into not one, but two tail-less cats.

One didn’t want to pose for me and promptly disappeared when I took a step in its direction, but the other was quite happy to lounge in front of aptly-worded caution tape while I made a photo.

This feline was too busy ignoring me to show off its tail-less rear end for the camera, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Creature comforts.

This morning, the breeze was warm against my face as we walked to school. The birds flapped and fussed, the air carried a sweet, light scent (smelled like joy to me) and I DIDN’T EVEN NEED A JACKET.

In honour of this amazing spring day, I’ll share with you a few of the critters I “captured” during a recent hike. I’m guessing they’re just as excited as I am that spring has arrived.

May 17 (2 of 5)

This fuzzy guy is praying no one eats all the bird seed.


May 17 (3 of 5)

This guy couldn’t care less what the squirrel wants.


May 17 (5 of 5)

These aren’t technically ‘creatures’ but the masses of cattails were so pretty, I had to include them.


May 17 (4 of 5)

Wildlife photos are not my strength. One thing I’ve learned is that you’re supposed to get the bird’s eye in focus. I studied my photo of the chickadee. Did I get the eye in focus? I don’t know. Where’s the eye?! Also, I was so excited about getting an up-close shot of the bird that I inadvertently cut off its tail. Oh, well. You win some, you lose some.


May 17 (1 of 5)

“Did YOU eat all the bird seed?”

I hope it’s beautiful wherever you are. Thanks, as always, for stopping by.