Going to court.

Last week, for my contribution to Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors weekly feature, I shared a rather petite door from the city of Stratford. This week, I’ll stay in town, but instead focus on a somewhat more stately building.

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The Perth County Court House opened in 1887, designed by architect George F. Durand. It’s situated on high ground at the end of the main road entering town from the east, and bordered on one side by the charming Shakespearean Gardens. Durand was originally trained in art – sculpture – and this is evident by the artistic elements of the design, including several themed terra cotta panels and sculptures adorning the facade.

Durand, I learned, died at the age of only thirty-nine, though his work endures in several buildings throughout the region.

It was after-hours when I visited, so I didn’t venture inside. Let’s hope that if I enter this particular structure one day, it’s for tourism purposes and not because I’ve been summoned 🙂

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Standing tall.

All that remains of the Dufton Woollen Mill (destroyed by fire in 1922) is this brick smokestack, now incorporated into the beautiful Shakespearean Gardens in Stratford, Ontario.

Can one have both an aversion and an attraction to miniature smokestack doors? I suspect I’d be hit with an attack of claustrophobia if I had reason to pass through, but I’d love to peek at the space inside. The photos don’t provide a true sense of scale, so you’ll have to take my word for it: This door is so petite, I’d barely be able to squeeze in sideways.

It’s Thursday, so I’m happy to add this tiny door to Norm’s weekly Thursday Doors entryway collection.

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Shots in the dark.

Generally speaking, the approach of darkness means one thing: it’s past my bedtime. Once the sun has dipped, my camera’s packed away because by then I’m busy tucking in littles (which always seems to take longer than necessary) and then figuring out what to post to this page before I fall, bleary-eyed, into bed.

But the other night – the evening of my solo trip to Stratford – I sat beside the lovely reflecting pool in the quiet garden outside the Festival Theatre and watched the sky deepen to a royal shade of blue, and the pale blooms of the garden begin to glow. It was comfortably warm (even for me) but I was not, for once, a delicious meal for mosquitoes. There was no show at that hour, so the place was more or less deserted.

It was perfect for a first attempt at night photography. My eyes were blearier than usual by the time I got home, but it was worth it.

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The Bard.

With a beautiful summer evening to myself, I went slightly snap-happy while wandering the gorgeous gardens in Stratford, Ontario. More to share later… for now, the main man, Mr. Shakespeare:

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