It’s been a blast.

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Dear Summer,

Thanks for the memories: sand between our toes, flip flops and tank tops, Coppertoned skin, wind-whipped hair, dripping ice cream cones, lazy days and late sunsets, quiet reading time, blanket forts, giggles with loved ones, hot marshmallows over the campfire, lavender breezes, warm rain and lush greens.

Oh, and one last blast of the backyard hose.

See you next year! 💗

Streaks of nature.

One of the fun things about photography is that when you’re in an abstract and painterly mood, you can make just about anything into a sweeping blend of lines and colours.

The subject here is Japanese Blood Grass, a pretty ornamental in my garden that’s green at the base and crimson at the tips. I got in close and tilted the camera vertically during a two-second exposure time.

No paint required.

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Just don’t look too closely.

September 1 (1 of 1).jpg

Once upon a time, I spent many minutes squatting in the woods, trying to make a photo of a swarm of gnats.

Certainly this would’ve been a more interesting picture if there’d been a more prominent subject. I’m posting it anyway because I loved the ‘enchanted forest’ vibe I’d gotten while situated in that particular spot, surrounded by lush greens, those tiny gnats glinting like pixie dust in the late afternoon shafts of sunlight.

While lost in my little reverie, I managed to trip on a tree root, nearly dropped the camera and accidentally inhaled a bunch of “pixie dust,” at which point I decided it was time to go home.

Even if the photos I tried to make of these swarming insects glittering fairy trails don’t exactly replicate my memory of that moment, I do feel warm and fuzzy inside when I look at them.

I’ll consider that a happy ending.

Bright and shiny.

I smiled to myself when I consulted this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. The theme is “Ooh, Shiny!“. As in: post a photo of something that demands your attention, something that’s “guaranteed to distract you.”

Well, in my case that could be any number of things: chocolate, fuzzy blankets, hummingbirds, funny cat videos, Viggo Mortensen… the list goes on. I seem to frighten the hummingbirds before I can photograph them, and I ate all the chocolate, so I settled on sharing a photo of something else that’s been occupying my thoughts lately: light.

Since I’ve taken an interest in photography, I’ve spent more time observing and deciphering light, trying to figure out how to tell the camera to catch it the way I see it.

While out the other morning, in search of an arresting view of the sunrise, my travels took me down a country road which was encased overhead in the neighbouring trees’ summer foliage.

And there, at the end of the tunnel, was the light. It filtered down through the morning mist in golden beams. For me, it was an “Ooh, shiny!” moment, indeed.

It’s not an extraordinary shot, and it’s not Viggo Mortensen, but it’ll do.

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