Good thing they’re tiny.


We have roughly 5000 of these toy cars at our house. Most have been passed down from relatives or received as gifts. I can’t actually remember a single time that I bought one on purpose. Generally they sit, ignored, in the closets of the small people living in my home.

Every now and then I’ll be looking for something in these closets, swearing under my breath because it looks like a miniature but mighty tornado swept through inside. In these situations, there’s usually some point at which I lose my cool and threaten to throw away or give away items because they’re broken, or because no one plays with them, or because they’re utterly useless (e.g., hardened pellets of Play-Doh, random pieces of painted macaroni, the cardboard container for a Happy Meal eaten in 2012).

And then, my small people passionately claim that these items are their favourite, and they promise these items will get played with, and please please DON’T give these items away to another child/throw them in the garbage/flush them down the toilet.

Sometimes I take a hard line. Other times, I fold…which is why you’re looking at a picture of 5000 Dinky cars.


(Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny)

Tiny things.


Ah, glitter. The gift that keeps on giving.

If you dare to open a container of glitter (or, heaven forbid, the container gets knocked over by your sweet but careless children), no amount of sweeping, wiping, vacuuming, or hyperventilating will make it disappear. It will show up later, glimmering cheerfully, in household and human cracks you didn’t even know existed.

Oh, but it sparkles.

(Inspired by this week’s WordPress photo challenge – Tiny.)