My thighs are killing me.

All that squatting and crouching by the creek yesterday made for achy legs today, but I’d wanted to get up close to the water so I could play around with slow shutter speeds.


The sunlight glinting on the water and the flow of the creek created swirling lines and shapes when I made a slightly longer exposure.


I hadn’t brought my tripod, so the in-focus elements weren’t as in-focus as I would’ve liked, but I didn’t mind.


Mild temperatures (yessss!) meant the flow of water was melting the ice, leaving interesting bits and pieces clinging to rocks and branches.


Mental note in preparation for next time:

  1. Bring a tripod.
  2. Do more squats.

Thank you, once again, for looking 😊


Going out.

The sun shone its beautiful glowing face for the second day in a row, plus the milder temperatures didn’t threaten to freeze my nose off.

A dose of fresh air was in order – here are a few photos made during today’s walk.




Someone lost their… thing… in the water. I wonder what’s in the box?


I also spent an embarrassing amount of time squatting by the creek, making photos of bits of ice and splashing water. I’ll post those later. For now – off to bed so I can dream of Day Three of sunshine tomorrow. Thanks for visiting!