My thighs are killing me.

All that squatting and crouching by the creek yesterday made for achy legs today, but I’d wanted to get up close to the water so I could play around with slow shutter speeds.


The sunlight glinting on the water and the flow of the creek created swirling lines and shapes when I made a slightly longer exposure.


I hadn’t brought my tripod, so the in-focus elements weren’t as in-focus as I would’ve liked, but I didn’t mind.


Mild temperatures (yessss!) meant the flow of water was melting the ice, leaving interesting bits and pieces clinging to rocks and branches.


Mental note in preparation for next time:

  1. Bring a tripod.
  2. Do more squats.

Thank you, once again, for looking 😊

Going out.

The sun shone its beautiful glowing face for the second day in a row, plus the milder temperatures didn’t threaten to freeze my nose off.

A dose of fresh air was in order – here are a few photos made during today’s walk.




Someone lost their… thing… in the water. I wonder what’s in the box?


I also spent an embarrassing amount of time squatting by the creek, making photos of bits of ice and splashing water. I’ll post those later. For now – off to bed so I can dream of Day Three of sunshine tomorrow. Thanks for visiting!

Well, hello there.


The cats, safely indoors where they can’t terrorize small creatures, were transfixed by the birds at the backyard feeder this morning. I watched the busybodies out the window for awhile, too. I’m not great at recognizing birds, but I could spot the chickadees and juncos easily.

When I looked up again, this cutie was perched on a branch… so I grabbed the camera and tried to capture it. I had to scramble because the felines nearly made their escape while I had the patio door propped open to make the picture. Sorry, cats, you’ll have to make do with hunting jingle balls and very unrealistic-looking stuffed mice.

I wonder if this is a house finch? If anyone knows birds and cares to share their thoughts, please do…

Washed up.

With Narami’s Tuesdays of Texture in mind, today I chose to share the decay of rusted chains encircling this log:


These images were snapped a few days ago – along with the slabs of ice in yesterday’s post – while I wandered the bank of a river that had flooded, and then receded, during a spell of earlier mild weather. This hunk of chained wood was one of many treasures, I imagine, expelled to the shoreline by the swollen river.


I don’t know anything about waterways, but I’m guessing that this is some sort of boom – an intentionally-placed barrier in the river to help contain, in this case, debris or driftwood. The site of the washed-up log is just upstream from a century-old dam.

The flood, coupled with giant hunks of floating ice, probably overpowered it this time. I wonder whether it’ll end up back in the water or whether its purpose has finally been served.


I loved all the hollows and grooves, the wood worn smooth, the muck and the slime and the rust. All the evidence of time passing.


By the way, now that I’ve noticed them in the photo above, I can’t seem to unsee the faces in the log. Does anyone else see them, or is it just me?

It’s probably time to go to bed before I start seeing more imaginary things. 😉

Thanks so much for visiting.